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Mefa Creations


MEFA CREATIONS is an established design and fashion house in Nairobi, formally established in 2005. We are located at Hekima College Premises unit 6 along Riara Road. We specialize in designing and stitching both ladies and gents wear. Dressing has for centuries been a strong medium of cultural and social expression across many societies. Since the end of the Second World War, dressing has played an important role, and has been a catalyst, in individual’s process of confidence building and self actualization. In fact, one major social practice that significantly distinguishes the generational paradigms is the unique dressing codes and etiquette that each generation has identified with. It is out of this consciousness of the power of dressing, that we at MEFA CREATIONS approach the idea of fashion and dressing concept with dynamism, personal touch and purpose...ReadMore


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